What you can expect from your lessons:

First you will learn the proper breathing technique for singing and the importance of how good breath support  can help you achieve a healthy and powerful vocal delivery.  We will then explore your vocal range (how high and low you can comfortably sing)…this will be done with a piano accompaniment. As I listen to your range I will make suggestions as needed. We will start by introducing the basic scales and then proceed to a variety of scales to suite your range and vocal level.  We will then progress to a variety of scales of various intensities depending on your progression.  Every scale and instruction is catered individually to each student’s progress or vocal needs. I will always demonstrate each scale myself and then assist you through them when needed. The scales will culminate as per your request on song selection. We will use the technique you have acquired to demonstrate the power and control you have achieved as we work on your song choices. Whether you are signing just to improve your vocal abilities or are working towards a performance or audition, you will notice a major improvement!


After scheduling and confirming your voice lesson you can make your online payment.

30 Minute Voice Lesson = $35 USD

60 Minute Voice Lesson = $60 USD

4 x 60 Minute Voice Lessons = $200 USD (Discounted Package)

*All lessons paid prior to start of class.

Ava Tracht Landman

Professional Vocal Coach to the Stars

Voice Lessons

Ava offers private voice lesson via Zoom or Skype in the privacy of your home.

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