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Learn To Sing Like A Star CD

A Comprehensive instructional method for all levels, styles and ages!

“Learn to Sing Like a Star” is a vocal instructional method created by Berklee College of music graduate and professional singer Ava Tracht Landman. Some of the studens Ava has given voice lessons to include professional male and female singers from the entertainment world. Whether you are a beginner, would like to sing Classical musical, or are a singer in a Rock-n-Roll band, you can benifit from the exercises on this CD.

Some examples of what you will learn... 

Breathing Technique / Exercises 
You will learn a variety of breathing exercises involving the expansion of the diaphragm (the partition of muscles and tendons between the chest and abdominal cavity). 

Vocal Register (Range) 
You will learn to identify your vocal range by singing in a comfortable tone. You will also have the ability to sing in a variety of vocal ranges as you experiment from the low voice to the high voice (ie. from alto to soprano, and bass to tenor). 

Vocal Placement and Style 
You will learn about various vocal placements in regard to vocal resonance. You will also learn how to incorporate these exercises to suit your vocal style. 

Various Scale Exercises 
You will learn a variety of vocal exercises designed to increase your range and develop greater breath support.  

​By practicing this method, you will develop your voice to ultimately suite yourself. You will learn that by singing comfortably in any given style, you will become a better singer. With constant practice and dedication, you will develop confidence in your vocal sound and become the best singer you can be!

Singing Evaluation

Do you have a good singing voice?

Do you have problems staying on key?

Do you have good vocal technique?

Do you have proper breath support for singing?

What areas of your voice need improvement?

Do you have what it takes to be a professional singer?

It is easy to get a personalized answer to these questions and more online... Have professional singer and voice teacher to the stars, Ava Tracht Landman, evaluate your singing abilities. 

It is simple!!

How it works: 
​Simply record yourself singing all or part of a song which you feel best shows your vocal abilities. The recording does not have to be of professional quality - (we are evaluating your voice not your sound system). The recording can be sent to us electronically or mailed to us on cassette, CD or DVD. Within 48-72 hours after receiving recording you will receive a personalized report from Ava giving you a complete critique on your singing abilities along with suggestions on how to improve your singing and more. 

We accept files in virtually any file format (.WAV, .MP3, .AVI, .MOV, etc…) We also accept singing samples on cassette, VHS, CD or DVD which you can mail to us - you will be supplied an address to mail your cassette too - this method will take a little longer to get the results back as we will need to wait until we receive your recording in the mail. The cost of the singing evaluation is $20. This is great price considering that you are getting an expert critique of your singing abilities along with suggestions on how to improve your voice. Ava has evaluated 1000‘s of singers and has trained numerous singing stars. She has an amazing ear for evaluating an individual’s voice!

What you can expect to receive from your personal vocal evaluation:
You will be emailed a personalized, in depth report evaluating your singing abilities. The report will be supplied in PDF format which can be easily viewed and printed.The report will contain a full explanation of the following...

Evaluation of your vocal tone - including:
• Identifying your correct vocal range (i.e. Soprano, Tenor, Alto etc...) 
• Detecting pitch accuracy (if you are in key) 
• Diction and articulation 
• Vocal phrasing in a song 
• Vocal strength and weaknesses Identifying proper breath control:
• Evaluation of your intake of air to determine if your breath is distributing correctly throughout  your singing. 
• Proper usage of your diaphragm (stomach muscle) to help detect if you are experiencing fatigue in vocal delivery.