Awards & Recognition

2006 Film Recording

Entertainment Council award for outstanding achievement in

vocal coaching. 

"Cleo Laine Jazz Masters Award” for her outstanding performance

in the Berklee Concert Series

“Best Musicianship" Award

from Tri-M Musical Honor Society

Gold Music Award for
“Outstanding Soloist” 

"​Excellence in Musical 

Comedy Theatre” 

by Thespian Troupe #391.

“Key to the City of

Miami Beach, FL,” for all her musical endeavors

Interviewed on the

Phil Donahue Show

Ava Tracht Landman

Professional Vocal Coach to the Stars

Ava Tracht Landman

Professional Voice Teacher & Performer
Ava Tracht Landman is a thoroughly professional musical entertainer and vocal instructor with considerable formal
training and extensive  professional experience. Ava’s vocal expertise has enabled her to work with top
professionals from the entertainment world. She has been giving voice lessons to numerous recording stars over
the past 25 years. She is also currently writing and performing several original songs. Checkout her latest release of "Got To Let You Go" available on Spotify and YouTube Music.  

Ava began her music studies at the University of Miami and continued her musical education at Berklee College of
Music in Boston where she earned her degree in Professional Music. In recognition of her outstanding performances in the Berklee Concert Series, Ava was the recipient of the “Cleo Laine Jazz Masters Award” for 1989. During her undergraduate days, Ava was lead vocalist for the Miami Beach “Rock Ensemble.” There she received the Gold Music Award for “Outstanding Soloist” after leading the Rock Ensemble to first place in the “National Festival of Music” in Orlando, Florida. Ava is also a member of the Tri-M Musical Honor Society which presented her with the “Best Musicianship Award.” Ava is a member of the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences. She was a featured panelist on the subject of vocal instruction and technique for the “Grammy in the Schools Day” at the University of Miami. 

Professional Voice Teacher to the Stars
Ava is highly recommended by renowned producer, singer, song-writer Rudy Perez. In addition to performing with
Jon Secada, Ava vocally trained Sofia Vergara, flautist Nestor Torres, Latin star Chayanne, José Sosa Jr. (son of
famous Latin entertainer José José), Roscoe Martinez, Daldoe Romano, Chris Bentley of international reggae
group “Inner-Circle” and is teaching many up and coming musical artists including top ten billboard group
​“No Mercy” and Julio Iglesias Jr. son of world acclaimed entertainer Julio Iglesias. 

Versatile Professional Performer
Ava’s experience as a vocalist includes performances at top name resorts in Florida and in Atlantic City. As the female lead for the top 40 band “Sequel,” Ava toured South Carolina, Atlanta and New Orleans. Ava held numerous recording sessions in Boston, and was lead vocalist for the Boston based rock band “Agent.” Her unique talent led her to the Berklee Performance Center where she was a featured concert vocalist. In 1989 Ava arranged, directed and starred in her own production, “A Night to Remember,” for a packed house at the Berklee Performance Center.Aversatile actress, Ava played Kim Mackafee in the Community Theatre’s “Bye Bye Birdie,” and starred in the Off-Broadway musical “A Man Has Gotta Sing”, with recording star Jon Secada. She also appeared in the motion picture remake “Where The Boys Are.” Ava’s TV appearances include the “Phil Donahue Show”, “Miami Vice”, and a documentary supported by Steven Spielberg. Not surprisingly, Ava was the recipient of an award for “Excellence in Musical Comedy Theatre” by Thespian Troupe #391. Ava is also the recipient of the “Key to the City of Miami Beach, FL,” for all her musical endeavors. Most recently Ava has won the 2006 Film Recording & Entertainment Council award for outstanding achievement in vocal coaching.A versatile singer, Ava electrifies her audiences while performing Jazz, Blues, Top 40, and Rock & Roll. Ava also sings in Spanish, Russian, Hebrew and Yiddish. Whatever style she utilizes, Ava’s vocal performances are guaranteedto leave her audience cheering for more!