"Ava is the best voice teacher!"
Chayanne - Latin Entertainer & Movie Star

Singing Evaluations

Online Voice Lessons

Do you have a good singing voice?
Do you have problems staying on key?
Do you have good vocal technique?
What areas of your voice need improvement?

​It is easy to get a personalized answer to these questions and more online... Have professional singer and voice teacher to the stars, Ava Tracht Landman, evaluate your singing abilities. It is simple!!

Private Voice Lessons

Learn to sing like a star with this 76 minute instructional CD. In this CD you will learn how to breathe properly for singing, identify your range, learn about vocal placement and style and experience a variety of vocal exercises that are used by many stars in the entertainment world. Also available as a downloadable mp3.

You can learn the techniques the professional singers use in the privacy of your home. Ava offers private voice via Zoom or Skype video call. You can get all the benefits of a private lesson without leaving your home...

Instructional CD

How you can learn to sing like a star...

Voice Teacher to the Stars

Winner of the 2006 Film Recording & Entertainment Council award for outstanding achievement in vocal coaching, Ava Tracht Landman is a professional musical entertainer and vocal instructor. Ava’s extensive formal training, professional experience, and vocal expertise has enabled her to work with top professionals from the entertainment world.

Ava has vocally trained numerous recording stars over the past 20 years including Latin star Sofia Vergara and Chayanne, top ten billboard group “No Mercy”, Chris Bentley of international reggae group “Inner-Circle”, Julio Iglesias Jr. son of world acclaimed entertainer Julio Iglesias and many other high profile singers.

​Learn to sing from the professional voice teacher of the stars!

You can learn the techniques the professional singers use. If you live in the South Florida area you can schedule in person private voice lessons with Ava...

"Ava is an awesome voice teacher!"
Julio Iglesias Jr
Star of "Modern Family"
Sofia Vergara